Crockett Honey Desert Honey from Wild Flowers

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4.2/5 on March 2, 2016

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  • It’s an American brand, and the honey comes from desert flowering plants unique to the Sonoran Desert regions in Arizona.
  • The Crockett Honey Company is a solid honey producer.
  • Their desert honey is completely, 100%, pure and natural and meets our standard for "raw" honey.
  • As it’s from the desert regions, it is not likely to be exposed to high amounts of contaminants.


  • Perhaps the most common complaint is the price. Right now, it’s at $19.35 and you may even have to pay for delivery unless your order is worth more than $35. This may be too expensive, considering that regular honey costs around $10 in comparison.  That said, this is not a small bottle and when you look at the amount of honey you get it's a pretty good deal.


It’s been 71 years since Crocket Honey started its desert honey business, and business for them has been good. Through the years, the company has built an enviable reputation for the high quality and taste of its honey.

I’m not alone in really liking the taste of the Crockett Honey Desert Wild Flower Honey. I really enjoy it, but the superlatives written by many of its buyers really says a lot as to how so many people absolutely find it delicious.

You may also appreciate the fact that this honey is very healthy for you. It’s raw and unfiltered, unlike some of the honey offerings commonly available in the US that’s been over-processed. Because it’s raw, it still contains much of the bee pollen that’s considered one of the most completely nourishing foods for people. Unless you’re one of the unlucky few who is allergic to bees or honey, this brand is ideal for you.

Initially, I wasn’t too thrilled by the price, but then I reconsidered. Crockett Honey has a great reputation, and the brand’s popularity made it worth checking out.  In addition, you are getting a good bit more honey in this jar.  The label says it’s 3 pounds!  That’s enough to fill up your honey bear several times over.

While the price may be higher than average, the taste and the quality makes it worth every cent. And the price isn’t all that bad.  Some other brands cost twice as much as this one. Considering that fact, you can just think of it as a bargain instead.  In addition, I just had to try this one because I’m always looking for new types of honey and this one didn’t disappoint.

About the Company

Crockett Honey has a long history, as it was founded back in 1945 and it has been providing high quality honey throughout the Southwest US since it was launched. Now it operates about 6,500 beehives along the Colorado River in Parker, Arizona while its bottling facility is in Tempe, Arizona.  Crockett Honey recognizes the role of honey as a natural sweetener so that they don’t have to add anything to it.  They simply package it in a way that doesn’t affect its fine and subtle taste or change its natural high quality.  We feel comfortable rating this honey as “raw”.

Who Should Buy This?

This brand is ideal for those who prioritize taste and health benefits when they buy honey. The Crockett Honey Desert Wild Flower scores high in both counts. The taste has many customers pleased, and some even call it the best they’ve ever tasted.

What You Should Know

  • It comes from flowering plants that are unique to the Sonoran Desert region, so its particular honey flavor is unique.
  • Because it is raw and unfiltered, you may come across pieces of wax and bits of bee parts. These are all completely natural and armless for you unless you’re allergic.

Best Honey Site Tips

  • Check to see if you can get free handling if you order two bottles, as that puts it well past the $35 mark.
  • Honey works as an energy booster and as a natural cough suppressant. Honey also naturally retains moisture, so it can be used for facials and hair treatments to make the skin and hair feel soft and healthy.
  • Some people even use this honey to make their own mead.

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