Gunter’s Clover Honey Bear 12 Oz Review

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4/5 on March 17, 2016

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  • The price is just right. The 12-ounce variety is currently sold online for $6.92. When regular (and lower-quality) honey brands are sold for about $10 in groceries, the low price of Gunter’s Clover Honey Bears 12 Oz is truly outstanding.
  • The taste is fabulous. The clover honey flavor is mild and light, and that’s just right for so many buyers. If you’re partial to clover honey, then this brand should really catch your attention. There’s no bitterness or taste to affect its sweet flavor, which truly appeals to many honey fans in the US.

  • You also don’t have to worry about pesticides. The sweet clover the bees feed on is one of the hardiest plants out there. It can grow just about anywhere, and they don’t need pesticides. In fact, they don’t even need fertilizer.

  • The bear container is cute. That makes it great to display in the kitchen, and it can also entice children to try out this healthy alternative to sugar. And the design of the container also makes it easy to pour out.


  • Clover honey may be considered by some as somewhat pedestrian, compared to the darker variety of honey out there. Those honey varieties offer more complex tastes, and their aftertaste is strong and lingering. For some aficionados, these are the marks of a truly great honey.


If you prefer the simple taste of clover honey, then this is one great tasting brand to try out. The priced is also a steal, and the quality of the honey is excellent. The only reason you should look for another brand is if you prefer a different type of honey that comes with a more complex taste.

I’m not a honey snob, so I can appreciate the appeal of clover honey with its simple and dependable taste. I didn’t compare the Gunter’s Clover Honey with its darker colored competitors. I compared to its other clover honey competitors instead. And my personal opinion is that the taste of the Gunter’s Clover Honey is definitely superior.

I’m not the only one who thinks highly of Gunter’s Clover Honey. After reading through the many Amazon and Google reviews I found a lot more people saying that this over all the others was the best clover honey they’ve ever had.

And of course, you have to love that price. It’s not a reflection of low quality. It’s simply a fact that most honey sold in the US is clover honey. Part of that is because sweet clover is everywhere, and another reason is that most US honey buyers are more partial to the reliable taste of clover honey.

Who Should Buy This?

There are 4 kinds of people who will love Gunter’s Clover Honey Bears:

  1. People who want unprocessed honey for their health benefits.
  2. Those who prefer the reliable tastiness of clover honey in comparison to its more complicated darker-colored competitors.
  3. Budget-conscious consumers who see the price as an absolute steal, especially considering its great taste and amazing health benefits.
  4. And parents and grandparents who want to tempt young children into trying the honey that comes from a “bear” container.

What You Should Know about Gunter’s Honey

  • So why is clover honey so popular? One main reason is that sweet clover is naturally attractive to bees. Bees are drawn to them, and so you get clover honey.
  • Another main reason is that the USDA pays farmers to cultivate their unused land to make a profit. The aim is to offer a wildlife habitat, enhance the water quality, and minimize erosion. And using sweet clover works well in achieving those aims.
  • Sweet clover is really hardy. It can tolerate drought and the cold. It also naturally takes nitrogen from the air which it then eventually disperses into the soil. This means it doesn’t need fertilizer. Sweet clover also reseeds itself every 2 years. So plant clover one year, and then plant it the next year, and you can just let it go as it well reseed itself without your help.

Best Honey Site Tips:

  • You can take this with your tea in lieu of sugar. The mild taste accentuates the natural flavor of the tea.
  • It’s also great as a facial mask, so that you can have young-looking skin.

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