Honey Gardens Raw Honey Review (Great Taste!)

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4/5 on October 4, 2015

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  • It's Actually Raw!
  • "Top Notch" Flavor
  • Comes in Environmentally Progressive Glass Jar


  • There are Less Expensive, "As Good" Options Out There


This raw honey comes from my friends at Honey Gardens Apitherapy Company.  As the name indicates, they specialize in Apitherapy products.  Correction:  They specialize in "raw" apitherapy products.  This honey, like everything the company sells, is carefully packed and has not been overheated during processing.  It also contains all the propolis, pollen, beeswax, enzymes and other goodness received from the flowers and bees. Learn more in the Honey Gardens Raw Honey Review below!


I’ve reviewed a lot of raw honey on this site. That’s probably because raw honey is my favorite. Anyway, of the raw hone I’ve reviewed, I really like the taste of this one. Honey Gardens Raw Honey has for me the epitome of the ideal honey flavor profile. The best way to describe it would be “sweet, creamed flowers”.

As with all the raw honey I recommend on Best Honey Site, this one has a creamy texture which begins to crystallize over time. I like this one so much that it rarely happens with a jar of this stuff though. Another indication that this is raw honey is all the good bits of pollen and propolis you’ll find inside every jar. It’s not as intensely raw as a few other brands, but for all but the most stringent honey purists this will do.

That’s all positive, but one gripe I have against this honey is the cost. I’m all for the “you pay for what you get” argument, but in this case, you can pay less for raw honey of as good or higher quality and at $1.23 my “I’ll shop around” instinct starts telling me to evaluate other options before I pay more. Don’t get me wrong, if faced with buying cooked honey or paying extra for this product, I’ll splurge and sacrifice one something else. Try it once and see if you find that it’s worth the extra money before you dismiss it altogether.

Who Should Buy This:

If raw honey is your thing but you’ve been disappointed by the taste of other raw honey brands I recommend on this site, you might find what you’re looking for here!

What You Should Know:

– This product is NOT Certified Organic
– You will find bits of pollen, and other goodies in the honey
– This is a multi-floral honey meaning it comes from a variety of plants
– Has a smooth, almost spreadable consistency

Best Honey Site Tips:

– Because it is raw honey, this honey will crystallize after a period of months. You can slow the process by making sure the jar remains sealed when not in use and the honey is kept at a warm room temperature.

2 responses to “Honey Gardens Raw Honey Review (Great Taste!)”

  1. vivek says:


    Let me know where can I buy raw natural honey online in sweden or europe.


    • Beekeeper says:

      Your friendly neighborhood beekeeper is a great place for raw honey where ever you are in the world. Check with your local beekeeping club or if you can’t find one, you might check our honey classifieds section to see if a beekeeper has a listing in your area. If either of those don’t pan out try Amazon. They don’t always have what I would call raw honey on their listings but they do have a wide selection and you can order from anywhere!

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