More than 10 Honey Gift Ideas for Non-Boring, Holiday (or Anytime) Gift-Giving!

Honey 101

It’s ironic, but gift giving has really become so mundane!  Think about this…

The gift-giving options today are exponentially greater today, than at any other time in the history of the world.

So why then, do many of us end up giving (and receiving) unimaginative, down-right-lame gifts that convey sentiments like: I have belly button lint more special than you!

Face palm!

So this year, if you’re looking for honey gift ideas Best Honey Site has got you covered.  We’ve searched high and low and come up with 10 non-boring options that are sure to make you look like you give a flip!

Home Goods

Le Creuset Honey Pot

The honey lover in your life will thank you when you give them a simple, but stylish honey pot.  This particular honey pot will please people with a more rustic decorating style, but also appeals to anyone looking for a unique way to store their honey.

Guys, trust me when I tell you that the women in your life are secretly wishing you’ll buy them a Le Creuset piece so they can make their friends jealous!.  This piece is one of the most highly desired in their line and is sure to score you a little sugar from your sugar.

Blomus Honey Pot

If you’re intended recipient is a bit more modern when it comes to their style choices, but still dreaming of a honey related gift,  then the Blomus honey pot will suit their fancy and provide the perfect splash of sweet style to their kitchen.

The only complaint against this little gem is that while it’s high on style, it’s low on functionality.  Some of the user reviews I read complain that wand that’s included can be a bit hard to use which leaves this gorgeous pedicel quite messy.


80 Hour Beeswax Candle

OK, I have to say that this is one of the coolest candles I have ever seen!  That’s what almost everyone who sees this candle says.  It’s made from real, natural beeswax and has been a real conversation piece.  It’s also quite functional, because it has a built in timer feature so you can “set it and forget it”.

If you are a candle lover or know someone who is, this would be a terrific gift.  If you don’t like the look of this style, there are oodles more to choose from here:  (more information)


Health and Beauty

Manuka Honey Skin Cream

For people with acne, clear skin may be the only gift they truly want this year.  When I found myself in that position, I remember that I tried many different products which successfully dried and irritated my skin but did nothing to improve my complexion.  For many people like me, nature has created a solution to the need for a gentle cleanser:  Manuka Honey.

This product uses aloe, and replenishing oils to sooth and moisturize skin while the manuka honey protects the skin from bacteria and future breakouts while healing the current imperfections.


Bee Bar Lotion

Are you shopping for a lotion fanatic this year?  If you’re interested in feeding that fanaticism?  Then give them this:  It’s a long-lasting, lotion bar Honey House.  Fair warning though, once they try this they may not want to go back to the liquid lotion again!  Here are just a few of the reasons why:

1. If your lotion lover travels, this product is a great way to stay moisturized without causing a scene in the airport security line.  2.  The tin doubles as a really nice storage container for all sorts of things!  3.  Comes in several nice, subtle scents including a non-scented option.  4.  Lastly, it works!  The combination of beeswax and essential oils quickly absorbs into skin for non-greasy, dry skin relief people rave about.


Naked Bee Hand and Body Lotion

Those of you who are intuitive have probably already realized what the “naked” in Naked Bee Hand and Body Lotion.  Yup!  There’s nothing in it!  I should say, there’s no paraban, dyes, pigments, lauryl/laureth sulfate or animal testing!  If the person you’re shopping for  is sensitive (their skin not their feelings) this is a really nice product!

Who else likes this product?  People who love unique scents.  If you’re shopping for someone who loves sweet, citrus or floral scents or someone who YOU would love to smell like sweet, gentle, citrus flowers then give this a shot.  Also, check out the full Naked Bee Kit below if you’re shopping for someone extra special!


Naked Bee Head to Toe Kit

If you like the lotion I mentioned above, but you’re shopping for someone you want to send an extra special gift to then consider the Head to Toe Kit from Naked Bee.  It includes all kinds of goodies like their lotion, hand salve, lip balm, shampoo, body butter and foot cream to name a few.

Best of all, none of these products include paraban, dyes, pigments, lauryl/laureth sulfate or animal testing!  Don’t blame me if you are subjected to multiple hugs and kisses after giving this great gift!


Beenigma Bee Venom Cream

Fair Warning:  Call me a scrooge, but there aren’t too many people on my gift list who receive items of this value from me.  That said, if you’re shopping for someone who is worth it, and they are looking for a way to shed a few years from their complexion you should check this out.

This product from New Zealand uses manuka honey, bee venom and other natural ingredients to increase collagen production resulting in what some have called “Not Quite Botox.”


Bee Venom Mask

If you are interested giving someone a luxury facial cream featuring bee venom, but our last gift idea left you saying, “Yeah, but I didn’t want that much luxury!”  then this Bee Venom Mask from Kalon Skincare might be your ticket!

It’s still not cheap, but most people like to save a few bucks even when it comes to luxury.  It’s not as highly rated or as popular as our the Beenigma product, but Kalon Skincare is endorsed by celebrities and supermodels.  Need I say more?!?



Sweet Gifts

Winter Park Honey Sampler

I LOVE honey and if you’re on this site odds are you do to!  The next gift idea is something I wish I would find in my gift basket!  (Just Sayin)  Anyway, this is a fantastic way to give the honey lover in your life a chance to explore all the great flavors honey has to offer.

At just under $0.75 per oz the honey is reasonably priced for good quality products like Winter Park Honey Co. in known for.


Stakich Royal Jelly

If you have a queen bee or anyone else who could benefit from what is often likened to a miracle food then try Stakich Royal Jelly.  This stuff is packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and protein and is prized by people in the know as an all natural supplement.

If you already know about royal jelly then you know its good for you and you know that Stakich makes a good product at very competitive prices. Give this to anyone who’s health is important to you.


Everything Else

Know someone who’s got an interest in arts and crafts?  Maybe you’re looking for a cool DIY project or a neat idea for the kids to work on.  Try this Stakich candle making set.  Inside you’ll find 10 sheets of 100% beeswax, enough wick for your candles and a full instruction guide on making authentic beeswax candles.

In addition, to the fun your recipient will have making the candles, they will also enjoy the fabulous, sweet smell the candles will provide when they are burnt!


Book:  The Honey Connoisseur

So this one is actually on my Christmas list this year.  I have read several books which Kim Flottum has authored either in full or in part and I love his insight and writing style.  This book also happens to be a on a subject which I love and I’m sure anyone who loves honey will love as well.

If you know someone who loves discovering new types of honey or considers themselves a “foodie”, get them this!


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Also, if you used one of our gift ideas, I would love to hear who got it and how they liked it!

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