11 of the Most Famous Beekeepers in History (Plus Video!)

George Washington Famous Beekeeper

Let’s face it, beekeeping isn’t exactly a mainstream hobby so it’s rare to encounter someone who can claims the title of “beekeeper”.  It’s even more rare to meet someone who’s not only famous, but also a beekeeper. Here’s our take on the most famous beekeepers in history! Sylvia Plath (1932 – 1962) Sylvia Plath was […]

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Top 5 Beekeeping Books

beekeeping and books

We Recommend these Beekeeping Books As a beekeeper, my interest in  honey bee culture is natural and understandable.  For honey consumers is should also be natural and understandable as well!  You should make yourself aware of the techniques and processing methods being used by both local beekeepers and commercial honey farms.  This knowledge will empower […]

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