3 Honey Themed Books We Love & Want to Share


Honey Books are Sweet Reads!

We’re all about living a sweet, honey themed lifestyle at Best Honey Site and one of the dying joys of a slow, simple and sweet life is reading!

With that In mind, we decided to recommend a few honey books that we couldn’t live without and think you won’t want to live without either.

Since I became interested in honey and beekeeping, I’ve read a lot of books on the subject.  I’m never short of wonder as to the different backgrounds of people who have all discovered a love for honey!  Beekeepers of course, but also housewives, sales people and actors have all put pen to paper to share their views on some aspect of their sweet obsession.

It was hard narrowing my favorites down to three for this post.  In fact, I’ve actually included a link to three separate posts with more of my favorites in a particular category.   The three categories are below along with a link to jump to the specific type of book that interests you so grab a honey stick and stay awhile!

To quickly help you find the book(s) you are looking for, I’ve divided my selections into 3 categories:

How These Books Were Chosen:how to read a honey book

I came across a book called How to Read a Book shortly after I graduated college. This book changed the way I choose books and the way I read the books I’ve chosen. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who is serious about reading and wants to learn in the most efficient, intelligent manner.  I have used the techniques described in this book to evaluate the books I’m recommending below.

Best Honey Health Book:


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Honey: Gourmet Medicine

This book is one of the best examples I’ve seen of a book on honey that uses science and reason to support the health benefits of honey. The author is a long time beekeeper and agricultural enthusiast and a graduate of UC Davis.


…numerous studies document honey’s medicinal properties providing ample supporting evidence for anecdotal claims. Honey is an effective treatment for a variety of ailments. This insightful book summarizes the medicinal value of honey and explores honey as a gastronomic treat.

Best Honey Recipe Book:


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Joy with Honey

This is one of my favorite recipe books. Its not only tops for the quantity of recipes it contains but also for the quality and variety. I love it because its shows how versatile honey can be as a cooking ingredient.


About the Author – Doris Mech has been a professional beekeeper for more than twenty years, and for the more than seventeen years her fine honey and beeswax products have been a favorite attraction at Seattle’s Pike Place Market.

Best Bee Culture Book:


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Backyard Beekeeper

This book was instrumental in my transition to becoming a beekeeper years ago. The pictures are wonderful and the information included is accurate and complete. Its an easy read and would be a great book for parents or grandparents to read to or with their children or grandchildren.

About the Author – Kim Flottum is the long time editor of Bee Culture Magazine and an expert beekeeper. He and his wife Kim can be found on their blog The Daily Green.

Your Turn to Weigh In!

We want to hear from you!  Have you read a book about honey that’s you’re favorite?  What do you think about our list?  Leave a comment below and let’s talk about it!