How to Buy Honey: A Few Tips on Selecting Your Next Jar!

Honey buying guide
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Ready to Learn How To Buy Honey?

Before we start, give yourself a pat on the back for being a wise consumer!  You see, many people cheat themselves by buying honey that’s popular or easily available when a 10 second evaluation of their goals and a small bit of information would give them such a better result.

After reading this short tutorial, you’ll be able to choose the best honey for your tastes and intended use.  Plus, we’ll give you some beekeeper approved choices, and a few tips on where to buy and how to get your best deal!

Use the links below to find customized recommendations based on your preferences or keep reading to get our tips on getting a good deal and where to buy!

Our Favorite Honey Vendor:

Your local beekeeper is a great source of top quality honey for a variety of reasons.  That said, if you’re looking for new varieties and/or don’t happen to know where to find him or her you might be out of luck!  No worries, we’ve got a solution.

If you’ve spent any time on our site, then you’ll know we are partial to amazon as a great resource to find great new honey.  Here’s why:

  1. Huge Selection:  The selection on Amazon is quite broad and its growing every day.  From Alfalfa to Wildflower, and everything in between, they have a honey for everyone!
  2. Reasonable Prices:  Yes, you can sometimes find better deals if you shop around.  However, when you factor in the low cost shipping

The Buying Tip We Promised You (2 Tips Actually)

  • The Same Item can be Listed Many Times and the Price Varies Widely.  

That’s because, technically some of the items for sale aren’t being sold by Amazon, but rather a 3rd party.  In order to get your best price on your chosen honey, we suggest that you search again, by name for the honey you’re interested in.  That will bring up all the Amazon listings for that product and allow you to compare prices.  Be sure to look at a vendor’s ratings to ensure you have a good experience.

There’s a $25.00 minimum purchase requirement to get the free super saver shipping.  Unless you’re buying an unusually expensive honey you’ll be well below that limit. is a nifty little tool that calculates the difference between your current total and the minimum purchase limit and searches for items which will nudge your total just beyond $25.00.  Give it a try and let us know what you think!


If you’re buying honey for for taste and flavor then:

  1. Try Flavored Honey!  There are huge possibilities waiting to be discovered out there and your new favorite may be just around the corner.
  2. Stay Away from the Supermarket!  I can’t stress this enough, but there is absolutely nothing there for you if you want great tasting honey. If you take my advice, get ready for a flavor explosion if all you’ve been eating is the stuff that passes for honey at your local supermarket.
  3. Buy Raw Honey!  Its not essential, but if you want the absolute best flavor from your honey buy it raw. The heating process most commercial honey goes through can weaken the flavor.
  4. Buy Honey Online!  You can wait, and its totally worth it! The internet is a great way to shop for honey because there are so many varieties to choose from all in one place.

If you’re buying honey for the health benefits then:

  1. Buy Raw, Organic Honey!  For you, raw honey is most important. Not only does the heat and filtering process destroy honey flavor it also destroys its health benefits. For an extra jolt of health insurance buy raw, organic honey to ensure no chemicals are present.
  2. Stay Away from the Supermarket!  It’s a waste of time for you to shop for raw honey in a supermarket.  Even the honey that is labeled “raw” is typically not.
  3. Buy Honey Online!  You’ll find a variety of high quality honey, including raw honey and some great tips on how to use them to the benefit of your health.
  4. Buy Local Honey!  While usually not organic, if you know a beekeeper or can find one, a lot of small, local beekeepers do not filter or heat their honey. This the BEST option for allergy sufferers as the pollen stimulating your allergies are local to your region.

If you’re buying honey for baking, beauty, etc. then:

  1. Don’t Pay Extra! A lower quality honey is not a concern for you. Taste is not as important in fact a mild taste is preferred by most cooks.
  2. Don’t Buy Flavored Honey! Flavored honey especially some of the more potent varieties can overpower the other ingredients in your recipe and are not necessary for beauty treatments.
  3. Supermarket OK! The honey found at the supermarket is just fine for you so go ahead.
  4. Buy Honey Online! Buying honey online is still a good choice since you can buy bulk honey.

If you’re buying honey that will be used for any of the above then:

  1. Buy Raw Honey!  You can’t go wrong with this category you’ll be getting the most in terms of flavor and health benefits.
  2. Buy Organic Honey!  While not its not essential buying organic is good for our planet, good for you and really good for the bees!  Here’s why:  Colony Collapse Disorder, a disease plaguing bees, and is thought to be caused in part by pesticides and fertilizers.
  3. Buy Honey Online!  In our opinion, the best source of honey is raising your own, but a close second is buying honey online. The selection and quality is superb and now that you know how to shop you’ll be able to make your choice with confidence!

Your Turn to Weigh In

Now its your turn to tell us what you think!  I want you to leave a comment telling us where you like to buy honey and what you think about buying honey online.