Really Raw Honey Review: (One of My Absolute Favorites!)

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4.8/5 on September 29, 2015

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  • The "Raw" in Really Raw Honey Actually Means Raw!
  • Company Supports Local Beekeepers and Non-Abusive Beekeeping Techniques
  • Sweet, All-Purpose Flavor


  • If You Like Filtered, Commercial Honey You Probably Won't Like This
  • Some People Complained of "Weird" Bitter Taste - Probably From Propolis
  • If Want Honey that Tastes the Same Jar After Jar, You Might be Disappointed


Really Raw Honey is one of my favorite, commercial honey brands. Its got a huge fan following on and off the internet and it's not hard to see why! The folks that run the joint are fantastic, and the honey they sell consistently gets high marks in taste tests! That's all great, but there are a few things about this honey I love even more.


Like I mentioned above, there are so many things to love about Really Raw Honey. However, what I really love is that they support many local beekeepers, and that they have stayed true to the goal of providing honey in the most unprocessed state possible. If you haven’t already, this one is definitely worth trying!.

This honey is a bit more expensive than many commercial honey products at a currently listed price of $.96 per ounce. Although, in my opinion, its a great value because it’s a fantastic balance between quality and price. Unlike many other brands, the “raw” in Really Raw Honey is in fact raw! One peek inside the lid proves it. There’s propolis, pollen and bits of the comb floating in every jar! In addition, this honey comes from bees who aren’t sent to pollinate commercial crops which greatly decreases the chances that the honey will contain large quantities of pesticides. (LOVE IT!)

Who Should Buy This:

If you want a commercially produced, easily available honey that’s been processed as little as possible and is almost as good as buying it direct from the beekeeper then Really Raw Honey is for you!

What You Should Know:

– This product is NOT Certified Organic
– You will find bits of pollen, honeycomb, and other goodies in the honey
– This is a multi-floral honey meaning it comes from a variety of plants
– Has a smooth, almost spreadable consistency

Best Honey Site Tips:

– The characteristics of this product will vary from jar to jar and year to year

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