Stakich Honey: Raw, Kosher 5-LB Jar

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4.5/5 on March 27, 2016

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  • 100% all natural, and about as "raw" as you'll find from a commercial honey.
  • I found the taste to be quite pleasant, although not as sweet as others
  • Kosher-certified


  • Some people may find it not sweet enough
  • It’s only sold online
  • Some complained of poor/inconsistent quality, but I didn't see anything like that.


This honey is about as unprocessed as it gets for commercially produced honey.  It is Kosher-certified and has a distinctive, light flavor that makes it stand out from among the many honey products in the market today. Being Kosher-certified, it's one of only a few honey's that is shipped in conformity with the regulations of Jewish dietary law. It’s also reasonably priced which makes it a great deal for any honey fan.

I ran out of honey one day, so I shopped online as I’m prone to do. In my search, I came across Stakich raw honey. There were plenty of positive reviews on this product, which really piqued my curiosity.

That said, I’ve always been hesitant about honey products claiming to be 100% all natural. After all, every company can use unregulated buzzwords like pure, unprocessed, and unfiltered. Most people will take them at face value without peeling back the curtain. So I took a few additional minutes to find out more about Stakich honey before buying, especially since I was about to buy 5 lbs of the stuff!

The company behind this honey, Stakich, has been selling honey for nearly 100 years. I learned that it is produced in Royal Oak, Michigan. Bees there are kept on unfarmed fields. The company doesn’t use any pesticides or chemicals. Once the honey is extracted from the honeycomb, it is strained and quickly bottled.

Because it is kept at low temperatures during processing, the honey crystallizes which is a good indicator of “raw” honey and great for those who love to put honey on bread like I do. In addition, thanks to the way the company packages their products it retains all the enzymes, vitamins, and carbohydrates that are found naturally in honey.

Learning all those things put me over the edge and I decided to try the product. The company does have a good reputation so I was pretty sure that I was buying a solid product from a company that would stand behind it.

I ordered online, and within three days I received the honey in good shape. It came in a huge 5lb jar. Upon opening, I noticed that it was light colored and smooth.

I spread it on a sandwich, and found the taste to be sweet, but not too sweet unlike other honey products. I thought, “so this is what real, pure honey tastes like.” I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least.

While other people may find it not sweet enough for their taste buds, I can definitely say that I am satisfied with the flavor of Stakich Raw Honey.

The honey is thick and pasty. I had a great time mixing it with my tea and other recipes. Don’t expect this honey to easily pour out of the jar, because it is creamy and thick just what pure honey should be.

In terms of the price, I can say that it is reasonable. For around $35, I got a single jar of about 5 pounds. I the past, I’ve recieved two jars with a combined weight of 80 ounces for the same price. That’s not a bad deal especially since you’re getting good quality, pure honey.

Who Should Buy This?

People who love honey should definitely try it. Stakich raw honey is sweet, tasty, thick, and creamy. It’s what pure, all-natural honey ought to be.

What You Should Know Stakich Honey

  • Honey should never be fed to infants who are under 1 year of age.
  • Honey naturally crystallizes over time but it won’t affect the flavor.
  • Store honey at room temperature to prevent it from crystallizing.

Best Honey Site Tips

  • If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get this product quickly and without shipping costs.
  • If you have more questions about the kosher nature of this honey. The process is overseen by Rabbi Herschel Finman, who of Michigan Kosher Supervisors based in Oak Park, Michigan. More info here.

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