Tabasco McIlhenny Farms Pure Natural Honey

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3.5/5 on March 8, 2016

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  • Made by the McIlhenny Company, the maker of the iconic Tabasco brand. They’ve been in the business since after the American Civil War.
  • The price is phenomenally low. Its retail price is just $4.40, but this product contains 24 ounces of honey. That boils down to a mere 18¢ per ounce.
  • The taste is very familiar to fans of clover honey, at least at first. But afterwards, you will discern a slight heat at the back of your throat. Don’t forget that they’re the makers of the famed Tabasco Sauce!



  • If you're not into spicy foods this may be one honey you should avoid.  There is a surprising "heat" in the aftertaste, even though it’s very subtle.


A look at its product page on Amazon should tell you a lot about how great this honey really is. Taste is a matter of preference, and honey that tastes great for one may taste terrible for another. But the reviews are overwhelmingly in Tabasco McIlhenny Farms’ favor. About 86% gave it full marks, and only 4% gave it 3 stars and that was because the container was cracked during the delivery. No one gave it two stars or less.

Personally, I enjoy spicy food and the opportunity to mix a little punch with the sweet taste of honey was intriguing.  The taste is very good, and many have been raving about that hint of heat at the end. Some thought that a dash of Tabasco sauce was acutely added, but according to the label this is pure honey with no adulteration. I guess the bees were attracted to the pepper on Avery Island.

Tabasco is a famous brand in US history, and it’s been popular ever since the product was launched in 1868. Its history and commitment to excellence has been maintained since its founding by Edmund McIlhenny. Today, they still make their Tabasco sauce in Avery Island, Louisiana, and half of the company’s workers actually live there—and many of them are 3rd generation workers. That’s not surprising, since the current Chairman of the Board and CEO is the 7th McIlhenny in a line of company leaders who are direct descendants of the original founder.

And so we come to the Tabasco McIlhenny Farms Pure Natural Honey. This pure honey came from the beehives on Avery Island too. So it makes sense that the tobacco has that hint of pepper flavor considering the location.

Who Should Buy This?

If you want something inexpensive, then this qualifies. But what’s amazing is that it is affordable and yet it is also a famous brand that’s known for its quality and taste. You probably won’t find any honey at this price point that even compares to the Tabasco McIlhenny Farms Pure Natural Honey. And it also tastes unique, with that subtle hint of heat at the end that says it’s a Tabasco product.

What You Should Know

  • It’s darker in color, and that means it contains more antioxidants than the light colored variety. Antioxidants have numerous health benefits and it helps fight against aging.
  • The bees come from the same location as the pepper farms that produce Tabasco sauce, so don’t be surprised that there’s a slight heat in the aftertaste. It’s so subtle that you may only taste it when you drink it pure instead of when you mix it with tea.

Best Honey Site Tips

  • Many people want to know if this is actually “raw”.  Based on the consistency, I would say that this is not what I would call raw.  It appears to have been heated, and tightly strained.
  • You can add it to apples, tea, and it would make a great addition to a barbecue sauce recipe.

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