Genuine Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey Review

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4.6/5 on September 29, 2015

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  • One-of-a-Kind Taste Know to be among the best on earth
  • I love the packaging and the empty tins make great storage containers
  • Unheated


  • Relatively Expensive
  • Strong Flavor Profile is Not for Everyone


This is a must-try honey for anyone who enjoys trying new flavors of honey.  You won't be disappointed.


What is so special about leatherwood honey? Well, the leatherwood tree is primarily grown in one of the most remote areas in Australia. To produce this honey, the bees are actually transported to the leatherwood forests during the summer season and removed afterward because the winters are quite harsh. So why go to all the trouble? If you’ve ever tasted it, then you already know.

The wonderfully complex and spicy flavor along with the pungent floral aroma this honey produces must certainly contribute to its revered place among discerning honey lovers. It’s one of the best tasting honey flavors I”ve tried so I highly recommend it for its flavor alone. That’s not all that makes this honey great though.

While it’s not organically certified, it does come from a very remote place which is far removed from pesticides and other airborne pollutants meaning that you can be sure this honey is relatively free of chemical residues. What’s more is that Tasmanian Honey Co. handles this honey without heating it, so the incredible flavor and aroma of this liquid sweetness is kept in its original state all the way to your table.

I also found the texture of the honey to be similar to most quality raw honey. It had a tendency to crystallize but at room temperature was more like a paste making it easy to schmear (yes that’s a word) whatever bit of bread was lucky enough to accompany it into my mouth! Yes, its a bit pricey at about a 1.38 per oz, but if you haven’t give this one a go I highly recommend the splurge!

Who Should Buy This:

Anyone who considers themselves a honey connoisseur or wants to give a memorable and uncommonly good gift.

What You Should Know:

– Not Certified Organic
– Monofloral (Single Source) Honey
– Known for Intense Flavor
– Qualifies as a Raw Honey

Best Honey Site Tips:

– Try this with a piece of soda bread or even bacon. The salt will maximize the intense, natural flavor of this fabulous honey

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