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We Recommend these Beekeeping Books

As a beekeeper, my interest in  honey bee culture is natural and understandable.  For honey consumers is should also be natural and understandable as well!  You should make yourself aware of the techniques and processing methods being used by both local beekeepers and commercial honey farms.  This knowledge will empower you as a consumer to make the best possible choices when shopping for honey.

In addition, studying bee culture will educate you about the issues facing beekeepers and honeybees today.  I’m surprised to learn how few honey lovers actually know about CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder.)  Very little is known about this mysterious ailment which causes all the bees in a hive to disappear overnight!  Its thought that some 60% of beekeepers have been effected by this plague and some scientist believe that it is the number one threat to honeybees and could contribute to a complete extinction of the honey bee.

So without further delay…


Here’s Our List of the Top Bee Culture Books:


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Top Honey Bee Culture Book:  Backyard Beekeeper

Review: This book is at the top of my list not only because its my absolute favorite book on beekeeper but because its at the top of many other beekeeper’s lists as well!  Kim Flottum is a master beekeeper and a master writer as well.  This book inspired me when I knew nothing about beekeeping and is still an interesting read years after I first began the hobby.

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Second: Honey Handbook

Review: This book was also written by Kim Flottum.  Its a great “all around” book because it gives details on beekeeping, harvesting and grading honey as well as sharing a few recipes.  This is a tremendously powerful book for honey lovers because it shows in great detail how little or how much care can be taken when processing the honey for the consumer.

third honey bee culture book

Third:  Robbing the Bees

Review: This book is, at its heart, a biographical work on the central character behind honey and beekeeping:  The Honey Bee.  The author, Holley Bishop, also shares her wisdom on a number of honey bee related topics such as honey nutrition, honey recipes and honey remedies.  It is a very good specimen of a well rounded book on the subjects of honey bees, beekeeping and honey.  Great book!

fourth honey bee culture book
Fourth:  Beekeeping for Dummies

Review: The “dummies” series of books covers a wide variety of topics and I was delighted when I found they had asked Howland Blackiston to write the book.  I’ve heard Mr. Blackiston speak and he has a very conversational, engaging tone which he skillfully captured in his writing.  This should be part of any beginning beekeeper’s list of required reading.

fifth honey bee culture book
Fifth:  Hive and the Honey-Bee

Review: Rev. Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth was a clergyman and a honey bee enthusiast in the 17th century.  He is known today as the “Father of American Beekeeping” and is best known for designing a hive which caused beekeeping to be a commercially viable undertaking.  While his work can be a bit “academic” for some readers, it is a classic and should be a part of any serious list of beekeeping books.


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