Top 5 Honey Health Books


Recommended Honey Health Books

For as long as honey has been in use it has been used to restore health.  These days, honey is looked at as alternative medicine or a home remedy.  Are those labels really fair or should honey be included in the “super food” category?  These honey health books should help you answer that question for yourself.   I encourage you to read these books with a certain amount of skepticism!

These Books do Contain Real Science!

So you’re skeptical about the health benefits of honey.  Join the club!  I am skeptical as well.  There are certainly honey health products out there that are not rooted in good science and simply marketed with hype.  The authors and the books they have written below have been chosen for their objectivity and for their scientific approach to determining if honey truly has any health benefits.


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Top Honey Book:  The Honey Prescription

Review: I enjoyed reading this work.  It was clearly written and heavily based on scientific research.  It was informational and objectively compared scientific studies to draw conclusions about the health benefits of honey.  It edges out my second choice because it has more extensive and up-to-date information.  If you’re looking for a book on honey health benefits start here!





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Second:  Honey:  Gourmet Medicine

Review: This used to be my favorite book on honey health benefits because the author takes a logical, scientific approach to the subject and maintains that bias throughout the work.  Its got backing from several medical professionals which for me is a big deal as so many of the books covering the subject of honey health benefits are filled with “evidence” that is circumstantial at best.





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Third:  The Honey Revolution

Review: This is a spectacular book written by a group of authors lead by retired M.D. named Dr. Ron Fessenden.  Mike McInnes, one of the co-authors, inspired The Honey Revolution by writing The Hibernation Diet which advocates the use of honey as part of a diet regimen.  This book focuses somewhat on honey’s role in healthy sleep patterns and its role as a viable refined sugar alternative.





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Fourth:  Honey for Health & Beauty

Review: While I didn’t find anything particularly objectionable in the content of this book, its hard to be really upbeat about it because its sponsored by The National Honey Board.  There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but in my opinion it degrades the objectivity of the writing since its sponsored by an organization who is solely dedicated to the promotion of honey.




What about You?

Do you have a book about honey that has impacted you?

Maybe you have a question about the books I’ve recommended or you would like to add one to the list.

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