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This site will not give you more information!

That might sound crazy coming from a site that claims to be in the “honey information” business, but its true.

Here’s Why:

Most of us, including me, subscribe to the commonly held belief that, “There is nothing new under the sun”.  If that’s true, then don’t you think the over 1,580,764 webpages about “bee honey” as of the time of this post is a little excessive?

Ask yourself how many of those pages actually contains anything worth wasting your time reading.  My guess is probably less, MUCH less than 10%

The Internet is OUT OF CONTROL!

These days, any Tom, Dick or Jane can stand up on their own little virtual soap box and plant a sign out front saying, “Free Expert Advice!” and with a little help from the search engines they have a forum to distribute all kinds of misinformation.

Don’t believe me?  Check out this funny example of a self-proclaimed expert giving a “tutorial”.

So What Makes Best Honey Site Special?

The truth is:  We don’t do anything special, and we certainly aren’t creating any new information for you.  What we do offer though, is a place to cut through all the clutter on the interweb and connect with experts in an informative, and (we hope) entertaining way.

So instead of throwing out MORE information, we are committed to giving you GOOD information.

Good is a little vague so let me nail this one down for you:

Best Honey Site exists to empower bee product consumers and enthusiasts to learn about, and enjoy those products to the fullest possible extent by connecting them with reliable, relevant and entertaining, expert information via our free, bi-weekly inbox-magazine.



      About Me:  Best Honey Site was founded by Tim Douglass (that’s me).  I’m a honey enthusiast and I dabble in beekeeping occasionally.  When I’m not busy geeking out on technology or engaging in light housework you’ll find me here as the host and moderator of Best Honey Site.  The only site on the net dedicated to connecting honey enthusiasts and experts with the goal of creating ultra-informed and passionate consumers!  


Join the Honey Lovers Hive!

I’ve worked hard to make this place for you and we hope you’ll join our “hive” to work together with experts to make the net just a little bit sweeter!  

Best Honey Site is the result of  many hours of hard work and we are so proud to work with each of the experts on our panel.  Many of them are leaders in their field and their expertise is all yours!  I hope you will join our community and offer your input so we can learn together. 

If you have any questions about our website, honey or you just want to say, “hello” I would love to hear from you!  Please contact us at any time, we are ready to help!