Wee Bee Super Raw Honey Review (I LOVE this One!)

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4.6/5 on October 4, 2015

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  • Honestly Raw Honey
  • One of the Best Honey Values on Amazon


  • People Used to Processed Honey Might not Like the Waxy Capping
  • Some Complained About the "Average" Taste


Wee Bee Honey Company is a family owned business comprised of over 2,000 bee colonies located in Florida and New York.  They are proud of their honey and even prouder of the fact that they do not degrade their honey by adding heat to their processing methods.  The honey they produce has received several awards.  Read more below in our Wee Bee Raw Honey Review


Wee Bee Raw Honey is one of only two honey brands that I recommend as truly raw honey. Of the two, this is my favorite, but only by a slight margin. There are two reasons why Wee Bee gets the slight nod.

1. At $0.76 an ounce, it’s slightly less costly than its rival.
2. Wee Bee are the beekeepers and the competition simply sources and packs honey produced by someone else.

In fact, this family owned company has been in the beekeeping business since 1892! I usually prefer companies who bring the honey they farm directly to market as opposed to packing honey someone else has produced. In my opinion, this type of transparency to the consumer results in 100% commitment and pride in the product that will end up on our tables.

A perfect example of this commitment are the basic choices Wee Bee Beekeepers make to use non-chemical pesticides and food sources to make sure their bees give their customer’s the very best they have to offer. If you only try one honey I’ve recommended, make it this one!

Who Should Buy This:

Anyone who wants real, honestly raw honey can get it here. This is the least expensive of the 2 brands I believe are actually raw.

What You Should Know:

– Its Raw: Includes Chunks of Comb, Propolis and Pollen
– Not Certified Organic
– Pesticide Free

Best Honey Site Tips:

– Do not mix with hot liquids as all health benefits are destroyed with heat!

2 responses to “Wee Bee Super Raw Honey Review (I LOVE this One!)”

  1. Sam Almufti says:

    hi Ana, please send me your export price list of your honey & how it is packed. also if you have nutritional value sheet, thanks with love.

  2. carol says:

    It's horrible tasting, very sugary, not smooth.  Tastes chines.

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