YS Organic Raw Manuka Honey Hi-Active Review

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4.0/5 on October 4, 2015

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  • Half the Cost of Other Manuka Honey
  • In My Experience, It is Effective (Would Love to Hear Your Comments)


  • Not Certified to UMF or MGO Standards


Y.S. Bee Farms is a very popular,  Illinois-based honey distributor and producer known for producing high quality, raw honey.  Their Raw Manuka Honey product is produced in New Zealand like much of the manuka honey on the market today.  Overall their products are good and while they don't directly produce many of them, the company is quite passionate about quality.  Read more about YS Organic Raw Manuka Honey Hi-Active in our review below.


I like YS Organic Bee Farms Company. They operate with a good deal of integrity and I’ve enjoyed using a variety of their products. Their raw honey is some of the best, commercially available honey on the market, but what about their manuka honey? How does it rate versus other more popular manuka products?

Yes, it’s true. While YS Organic is well known for their raw honey, they aren’t exactly known as a “top” manuka honey supplier. To that I say, “So What?!”

What’s the difference? Well, lets start with what I believe to be the main and most important difference.

1. This honey is not certified for it’s manuka “effect”. The “Active 15+” rating may be accurate, but it isn’t certified. I won’t get into the nitty gritty of the certification process here, but if you’re curious leave me a comment and I’ll answer the questions as they come up.

Now, for some of you manuka honey elitists this may be a deal breaker, and if so I would recommend that you stop reading right now and click this link to take you to one of my favorite certified manuka honey products. For the rest of you, keep reading to find out why I think this is a pretty good value.

Any other differences? Just one more..

2. This honey is a heck of a lot cheaper! I suspect that that has something to do with the first difference. While those certification bodies may serve a good purpose, I doubt their services come cheap and the cost must be passed to the consumer.

Most everything else about this honey is the same as the more popular, certified options out there. The top brands are raw, so is this one. The top brands source their honey from New Zealand, so does this one. You get my drift.

The bottom line is that I like this honey and I trust YS Organic Bee Farms isn’t going to compromise it’s reputation on second rate manuka honey. In addition, this honey has been reasonably effective in my experience. Is there are more effective, certified option out there? I don’t know, but at half the cost of other manuka honey (some of which don’t have any more notable certifications either), I’ll take my chances.

Who Should Buy This:

If you buy manuka honey only because you like the taste, and/or don’t care about buying a “certified” manuka honey and want a reasonably priced manuka honey I highly recommend you start here.

What You Should Know:

– This honey is not certified to any widely recognized manuka effectiveness standard.
– Can be used topically (on skin) or orally (eaten)
– Manuka honey is by no means a “cure-all” but it does have strong antiseptic qualities and there is documented (by science) proof that it can aid healing of a variety of burns, cuts, and other lesions as well as aiding with internal inflammations like ulcers, throat infections, etc.
– Stay tuned to this page, because I plan on inviting YS Organics to tell us more about this honey in the near future!

Best Honey Site Tips:

– Be very careful when choosing manuka honey. Currently, the only way to guarantee that the manuka honey you buy has the full effective ingredients is to buy UMF or MGO certified honey.

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  1. David says:

    I do it at least once a week! Usually when i make it I have enough left over for 2 applications. So I might do it twice in one week, depending how my skin is looking It should be on the thicker side. So if you added too much lemon than had a bit more honey. I add turmeric to mine as well Give it that extra kick for redness. Can’t wait to hear how it goes for you xx

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